What are the differences between the Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs?

  1. Boy Scouts requires a bigger time commitment than Cub Scouts (But less than most organized sports.)
    1. There is a troop meeting every Thursday. (Except the 3rd Thursday is used for administrative purposes where only SPL, ASP, PL, Troop Guide need to attend.)
    2. There is a weekend camping trip every month. (Except July and December.)
    3. Week long summer camp at the end of July.
    4. It is important that a scout attends the troop meetings because that is where they learn a lot of their skills.
    5. It is important that a scout attends camping trips because that is where they practice their skills.
    6. Troop 2 has a requirement that a Scout must attend at least 50% of the troop activitites.
  2. Boy Scouts is more boy run that Cub Scouts.
    1. Scouts elect their own leaders. (SPL and Patrol leader)
    2. They plan camping trips; select menus, buy food, cook, clean up, pack trailer
    3. They set up their own tents and dining areas
    4. Boys fill the positions of responsibilty. (Quartermaster, Instructor, Chaplain, etc.)
    5. Scouts are divided in patrols containing a mixture of ages.
    6. Adults mostly provide advice and monitor safety.
  3. Boys advance in rank at their own pace.
    1. Reaching First Class in a year is desirable.
    2. Program ends at age 18.
    3. Early ranks are for learning basic scouting skills
    4. Later ranks use merit badges to learn more advanced skills
    5. Later ranks require a position of responsibility
    6. After completing requirements for a rank they need a scoutmaster conference and board of review.
    7. Boys need to make the initiative to keep the database up to date, and request a conference or board of review.
    8. Service hours are required for advancement. (Life projects, Eagle projects, Easter Flower Sale, St. Vincent dePaul Clothing Drive, etc.)
    9. Parent involvement is critical in the beginning
    10. Just because a scout isn't at the same rank as their peers is no reason to become concerned.